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On how my boyfriend is a WoW god and my problems are a bit more secular. [Wednesday, June 27th (12:18am)]
Summer's been pretty good so far... I've done more than I had done the whole of last summer, and there's still plenty of time left to go. Still haven't ridden Kingda Ka or gone bowling. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be going to the city to get a visa for my family's trip to Montreal. I'm really excited since I've only ever been to Toronto. Problem is we're still planning our leaving date and it might be before the 4th of July, which blows. I haven't been in Rahway for Independence day in the past 4 years. Last year I was in San Diego and the previous years either in the Philippines or Canada. But the 4th is also my mom's birthday, so we let her decide whatever she wants.

Being in the city means I'll probably miss a day of running with Nick again. We've been pretty consistent with doing at least 2 miles in Rahway park everyday, and it's amazing how healthy you feel when you get up every once in a while from playing Guitar Hero or watching TV. Hah. I feel like I see Nick so much, but really most of our time together is spent doing practical things like eating meals and working out. He's usually busy playing WoW otherwise, as probably a good number of Rahway males know. We do see each other a lot though, and it feels like overkill. I thought this kind of feeling only happened to married people. Oh wait, we practically are married.

Speaking of marriage, I get pissed at my mom for saying certain things. Well, first of all I get pissed at my mom for basically calling me a lazy shit since I'm the one who cleans and vacuums the whole house and takes care of our lawn since my dad doesn't get a chance to before work or when he gets home and is tired. Okay, got that off my chest. To to top that off, she constantly makes comments like "If Nick ever becomes your husband you'll have to know these things." I've got a few problems with this statement:

1) I'm 19 and appalled at the thought of marriage being in my nearby future. As is anyone my age who still has the luxury of being wholly concerned with lesser things.
2) Just... gah.
3) It's kind of ironic that if I was the one to bring up marriage between Nick and me, even in just this "hypothetical" kind of way, my mom would throw a fit...

Going along with things of this nature, today my cousin and I took our 1 year old nephew Jalen (well, in actuality her nephew and I guess my 2nd cousin) to Woodbridge Mall to ride the little kiddie train. She wanted me to go on the ride with him so she could take pictures. But the woman running the ticket booth told us I couldn't take him and that my cousin had to because Jalen had to be accompanied by an adult. She continued on to ask us if we wanted to buy an extra ticket so I could go on anyway. We responded with the fact that I'm 19. Mrs. Smartass retorted with a "Well, 21 years is an adult and so it's not my problem when 19 year old moms ask to ride with their babies." Really, I can understand how she could assume Jalen was my kid but her being so fucking rude about it was uncalled for. We all rode the train anyway. Then we moved on to the carousel where apparently the 18 years of age rule still applied.

So, final remarks time.

I finally have enough money in my bank account again to buy my overpriced textbooks for fall semester.

Go Wiki or Google "Death Note". (And if you happen to already know about Death Note and are going to AnimeNEXT please contact me so I can give you some cash and kindly ask you to buy me a shirt).

My Wii is coming back from the Nintendo repair center soon, and it's been a speedy process overall. Nintendo fucking rocks for doing all this for free. Great customer service.

I'm looking for a good trippy book to read and I'm open to suggestions.

The ultimate goal! [Sunday, May 6th (2:31pm)]
The only motivation I have right now is working to get enough money to buy a giant house so I can paint all the rooms weird colors and fill my pimped out pool with awesome stuff like these:


Who do you love, me or the thought of me? [Thursday, March 1st (9:24am)]
Soo... I went to my third John Mayer show this school year. It was the last night of his winter tour (2/28) at Madison Square Garden. Seats were better than I had at PNC, but not as great as the Webster Hall show, where general admission got Nick and I to the front. This'll be my last show for a while, being a fan is so expensive...

Anyway, met up with Charlie and Kayt who also had tickets, but we split up when we went to find our seats. I finally got to hear Clarity and Your Body is a Wonderland live, we got lucky cause he usually never plays those anymore. Your Body is a Wonderland was particularly nice to hear in his encore, because he got up suddenly on this little stage in the middle of the theatre, closer to us, so I could actually see him well as I stood on my chair and sang along like an idiot.

Another cool thing to note was that Alicia Keys popped onto the stage during the last song, helping John sing Gravity. Everyone in the Garden did this collective gasp that was really funny to hear.

Yeah, so anyways I'm gonna go slack off for the rest of the first half of this semester. Here's to hoping I'll be renewed after spring break...

Rubikubism [Monday, February 26th (12:46am)]

:) I wish I had enough free time and spare cubes for this.

Nobody knows where they might end up. Nobody knows. [Wednesday, February 21st (3:25pm)]
So this past weekend was fun. Nick and his friends from Stevens came to NYU on Saturday. We went to Times Square and headed to the NY Church of Scientology. I don't want to shit on anyone who actually follows the religion, but I will make comments about our experience since it was pretty crappy. I guess we came in with a sort of bad mindset since our visit was basically a joke, but our "guides" were rude. We watched some free film on dianetics (which was HILARIOUS btw.. if you're ever around go check it out) then some girl, who not only came from San Francisco but supposedly lived in Hoboken for some period of her life, majored in environmental science, and works in a bank gave us the basics of Scientology beliefs and begged, seriously BEGGED, Nick to buy a $5 dianetics book claiming it helped her bring her GPA from a 3.2 to a 3.7. (Nick was just like.. "My GPA is already a 3.75". Cocky bastard).

Then when we all refused to buy the book some other woman who didn't speak English tried to get us interested by asking us if we knew that Tom Cruise and other film stars followed it... as if we were that naive and that would be a good enough factor of interest. Then some other "you had to be there" incident occurred that only proved her rudeness. Yeah.. anyway we all left after realizing 3 hours had elapsed and got scared by how time flew for various offensive reasons.

Then we ate at Applebees and saw Ghost Rider, which was, at least for me, fun to watch since I didn't know anything about the character. It was decent and like I said, enjoyable to watch, make fun of, etc.

We all went back to Stevens, had some nice beverages, and played Guitar Hero. I had lunch with Nick's family the next day and didn't do much on Monday.

The week's going by fast, which makes me happy. I've done so much work in the past 2 weeks that it isn't possible I'll have anything left to do by the time my birthday rolls around. I'm broke, homesick and starving so I'll probably go back to Rahway on Sunday to beg for money, cheer up, and eat rice and Filipino food (drools).

Oh yeah, I've been watching way too much Grey's Anatomy lately since my roommate has the DVDs and I only started watching when season 3 began. I'm so addicted. I hate myself :p

Hurricane Chronicles. [Thursday, February 15th (10:45am)]
[Music: James Morrison - You Give Me Something]

I hope everyone had a great, safe Valentine's Day, whatever you guys decided to do o.O Whether you're the type who enjoys flowers, kisses, romance, sex or just sulking about the day, it's nice to have a holiday set aside for love. My Valentine's Day was pretty normal, just another day of the busy school week of HELL. Nick and I didn't make any plans, but this weekend shit's going down at NYU when a bunch of cool Stevens kids come to visit.

My spring break is from March 12-17, which is the same as Rutgers' and probably a lot of other schools, so I want to try to get something amazing put together for that week. Or if not that, at least a Guitar Hero party and movie nights :p

I was planning on getting my bellybutton pierced on my 19th birthday, since I think they're really pretty. But the plan was to get abs of steel first, which isn't currently happening with my whopping 2 go's to the gym. But I guess I have 12 days to make it happen. Maybe 12 days of nonstop crunches and running haha.

What was due this week: (TUE) 2 five page papers... DONE. (WED) Anatomy test... DONE. (FRI) Four page paper... WILL DO sometime today. College is sucking right now.

For anyone who cares, which I guess will pretty much just be me, the new Naruto series titled Naruto: Shippuuden (Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles) aired in Japan today with a one hour special. This is big news to a fan who has been watching 2 years worth of "filler" episodes that have nothing to do with the main story plot at all. So yeah, anyone who liked the old show check outtt the new by downloading the subtitled version later today, or via YouTube :D

Beating heart baby. [Wednesday, February 14th (5:28pm)]
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

This journal is being revived. Or maybe I was just bored and got a new layout. Talk to y'all later.

This is it! [Friday, June 16th (2:57pm)]
Congrats, Class of 2006.

We are so done. =p

Calm yourself, Iago! [Friday, April 21st (11:34pm)]
Well, it's Friday. This means that spring break will be over soon. And that sucks. I've been pretty busy, but as usual don't feel like typing much about it. Maybe later...

Tonight will be fun, and so will tomorrow when I finally pick up my prom dress and go to Bea's party. And Sunday is my goddaughter's first birthday party. Amelie has grown even prettier this past year.

So.. I'm off with Nick to go to the mall. I'll grace you with a picture of my prom dress. It's actually a pretty good image of it.


Take my hand, live while you can. [Thursday, April 6th (7:51pm)]
Well, judging from the sudden snow storms and bursts of sunlight I think we've just about come to the wonderful season of spring. Which means summer will be here in a few months. I'm happy. And I've taken the necessary girly preparations, such as get a haircut.

I have the NYU reception on Sunday. I think at this point my parents and I have decided that I am definitely going to school there. Lots to look forward to in the future, but first I'll just think about summer vacation. (Oh yeah, the senioritis is worse than ever).

And Kiki, I'm waiting for Will's photos. Thanks for the shirt I'm wearing in these pictures by the way =)

One sky, one destiny. [Wednesday, April 5th (6:17pm)]
I <3 Kingdom Hearts II.

I'd put some cotillion pics up, if I weren't busy playing this game/being lazy.

Who the hell can see forever? [Tuesday, March 21st (4:01pm)]
The end of last week was eventful. Friday night's cotillion practice was fun, even if it was only Nick, Carlos, Kay, and I who were around. Saturday morning's practice was pretty efficient. We finally finished all the dances, so I was relieved and happy.

Right after practice, I saw V For Vendetta with Friday night's gang plus Annmarie. I enjoyed it, good visual impression, yayayaddyya. It had too much of an underdeveloped plot though, and did scare me with its awful corniness at times. But anyway, I'm in love with Natalie Portman.

I saw Me and My Girl later that night. By the time it was over, I was so sick of hearing British accents after seeing it and Vendetta all in one day. But that didn't change my love for the entire cast who put on an amazing show. Everyone impressed me and lived up to what I could only expect from a Rahway High School show. (Congrats, everyone!)

Sunday was stressful. I went to bed Saturday at 4:30 am, but that didn't keep my mom from waking me up at 8:30 am. I had a photoshoot thing scheduled for my cotillion, after a practice hair and make-up run. WELL, my hair took forever to do, but it came out alright. What made me mad was that the idiot who was new at Benefit makeup called out that day, so I had to get referred to MAC.

MAC makeup is my fave, but I know the artists working there always wind up making you look like a clown. Despite my desire to, I witheld asking them to go light on the face paint. The result was a palette of purples all over my face. I wiped a lot of it off, my mom yelling at me for toying with my $75 (clown) look.

In the end, at the photoshoot I was pretty happy. The makeup still seemed too heavy for my taste, but eh. Anyway, Will took pics for him to photoshop. I have my own pics from my own crap camera.

Here you go.Collapse )

That night, I let my hair loose. And, voila. The glorious curls I only wish I had been born with appeared. I couldn't part with them, so I kept them for the next day. (By the way, I hate all of you who have pretty curly or wavy hair. Damn you all!)

I got my lit novel essay back, and I am SOOOO relieved. Handing it in half finished with literally no conclusion, I was surprised that I got a 90. Thank God for copy/paste and the reading journal we did first.

Watching Heidi Chronicles this Friday. Cotillion practice this Wednesday and Thursday from 5-7. =)

Oh yeah, Kingdom Hearts II is out March 28. And I'm dorkily excited about it.


[Friday, January 27th (1:01pm)]
Practice at 9:00am tomorrow.

I'm in la classe de francais right now playing with prosthetic limbs.

Brokeback Mountain-ing with Kay tomorrow.

[Monday, January 23rd (8:38pm)]
Tomorrow I get my life back!

You just want somebody listening to what you say. [Tuesday, January 17th (5:50pm)]
I know I've been mad slow about this, but...


(Stares around but nobody claps because they all have theirs).



It's easy, we all falter. Does it matter? [Monday, January 9th (3:34pm)]
I have two days to write a 10 page paper on Hamlet. Where did I go wrong?

I have been exposed to potent amounts of Shakespeare's play. Besides reading it, I have seen over 8 hours of film adaptations to write my essay, and now have to read Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. I'm so not doing anything after Midterms.

Cheers to fried brains.

Click this please:

Movies. [Wednesday, January 4th (12:14am)]
Don't feel like typing much. I saw King Kong. My favorite part was the Brontosaurus orgy.

Seeing Brokeback Mountain with Kay (and Nick, if he feels like watching it) and whoever else wants to come, after cotillion practice (which we have EVERY SATURDAY from now on). Still have to see Capote, Casanova, Geisha, Munich, & Narnia. And I need to get Wedding Crashers on DVD. And oh, I need to see Tristan & Isolde. How the hell did I not find out about that movie until last week when I saw the trailer? Hopefully it tells the story well.

I almost forgot about Hostel, which comes out this Friday. I want to watch it, and hopefully I won't pass out as some people apparently have.

East (eat), drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die. [Saturday, December 31st (1:18pm)]
My New Year's resolution is to stop being suck an asshole to my parents.

And to Nick.

And to anyone else.

And to stop being so stupid when it comes to doing things last minute.

Oh please, oh please, oh please let me stick to this. :crosses fingers:

All in a day's dream, I am stuck like all the other monkeys here. [Thursday, December 29th (6:24pm)]
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Saturday omishark and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last month I ruled Asscrackistan as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Thursday I gave prettynailpolis a Dutch Oven (-10 points). In November I bought porn for greeneggs_n_ham (10 points). In October I committed genocide... Sorry about that, stardash (-5000 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-4350 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Lol, Charlie apparently buying you porn is a good thing.

And me, genocide? Yeah right. =D

[Wednesday, December 28th (9:25am)]
Nick Anderson spent about $130 on me this Christmas. But he felt the need to add this wonderful $1 addition to his present:

I love it. =)

Won't be around New Year's Eve, but I'm up for anything Friday.

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