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Don't feel like typing much. I saw King Kong. My favorite part was the Brontosaurus orgy.

Seeing Brokeback Mountain with Kay (and Nick, if he feels like watching it) and whoever else wants to come, after cotillion practice (which we have EVERY SATURDAY from now on). Still have to see Capote, Casanova, Geisha, Munich, & Narnia. And I need to get Wedding Crashers on DVD. And oh, I need to see Tristan & Isolde. How the hell did I not find out about that movie until last week when I saw the trailer? Hopefully it tells the story well.

I almost forgot about Hostel, which comes out this Friday. I want to watch it, and hopefully I won't pass out as some people apparently have.
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I saw Memoirs of a Geisha. It was really good. But there were some book moments where if you didn't read the book, you wouldn't know who certain people are or their true importance or sometimes even what was going on. HaHa. I, personally, liked the book better.

I can't wait for Tristan and Isolde.
Memoirs of a Geisha sucked -_-
Ahhh. I figured the book would be better.
Lol.. Asian movies. Maybe they just suck. =p
yay for cotillion practices! im SO excited.. except.. i dont know if i remember what we learned 2 weeks ago =\.. maybe i do.. haha i guess well have to find out.

omg i wanna see tristan and isolde too! lets go see that whever it comes out!.. only thing is.. itll probbably make me cry. just cuz im so emotional.. hah im a baby. and a sucker for love i guess. but yeah! lets go seeeee ittttt!!

oh, and what time is practice on saturday?
Haha. Trust me, you'll probably remember more than me.

I want to see the movie this weekend; maybe if I get my buttload of schoolwork finished.

And I dunno what time yet. I'm trying to make it in the afternoon so Carlos won't have a prob, but that's unlikely. Probably the regular 9:00am time.
First off, King Kong was fucking crazy. I don't even remember any other part of the movie besides Kong fucking up the Tyranasaurous Rexes (like ripping the one's tounge out) and the bazillion insects that were maaad gross. All over people's faces. Like the cook. Being eaten alive. By three different gianormous maggots. Ew.

Also, Josan, I'm sorry. I thought Annmarie and I would be able to go to the Cotillion practices this Saturday, but I have a Quad-meet. Ummm.... I don't think I have anything next Saturday, though. Hopefully we'll be able to make that one.

And please don't give in and see Hostel. Scary movies aren't even about being scary anymore... they're just about watching other people getting tortured and mutilated.

... In the end, you don't feel any more scared than the fact that there's someone in your closet ready to do that to you once you go to sleep (which is why I always sleep with my closet doors open from now on); you just feel bad that you're watching a movie about all that shit happening to someone.
i'm gonna see brokeback mountain and memoirs on sunday for free via legit DVD at my friend's house. you know fred? he's lending it to us 'cause his dad got them somehow because he won an oscar for writing something years back. pretty sweet, i'd say. and hostel sounds pretty dumb.. torturing people? yikes.. i think it'd only be a good violent movie if the violence is like in kill bills.
That's awesome lol.

I figure you and Carlos are right about Hostel. I'm more souped over seeing Brokeback Mountain than anything anyway. =)