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Hurricane Chronicles.

[Music: James Morrison - You Give Me Something]

I hope everyone had a great, safe Valentine's Day, whatever you guys decided to do o.O Whether you're the type who enjoys flowers, kisses, romance, sex or just sulking about the day, it's nice to have a holiday set aside for love. My Valentine's Day was pretty normal, just another day of the busy school week of HELL. Nick and I didn't make any plans, but this weekend shit's going down at NYU when a bunch of cool Stevens kids come to visit.

My spring break is from March 12-17, which is the same as Rutgers' and probably a lot of other schools, so I want to try to get something amazing put together for that week. Or if not that, at least a Guitar Hero party and movie nights :p

I was planning on getting my bellybutton pierced on my 19th birthday, since I think they're really pretty. But the plan was to get abs of steel first, which isn't currently happening with my whopping 2 go's to the gym. But I guess I have 12 days to make it happen. Maybe 12 days of nonstop crunches and running haha.

What was due this week: (TUE) 2 five page papers... DONE. (WED) Anatomy test... DONE. (FRI) Four page paper... WILL DO sometime today. College is sucking right now.

For anyone who cares, which I guess will pretty much just be me, the new Naruto series titled Naruto: Shippuuden (Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles) aired in Japan today with a one hour special. This is big news to a fan who has been watching 2 years worth of "filler" episodes that have nothing to do with the main story plot at all. So yeah, anyone who liked the old show check outtt the new by downloading the subtitled version later today, or via YouTube :D
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