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Josan Jorvina

Nobody knows where they might end up. Nobody knows.

So this past weekend was fun. Nick and his friends from Stevens came to NYU on Saturday. We went to Times Square and headed to the NY Church of Scientology. I don't want to shit on anyone who actually follows the religion, but I will make comments about our experience since it was pretty crappy. I guess we came in with a sort of bad mindset since our visit was basically a joke, but our "guides" were rude. We watched some free film on dianetics (which was HILARIOUS btw.. if you're ever around go check it out) then some girl, who not only came from San Francisco but supposedly lived in Hoboken for some period of her life, majored in environmental science, and works in a bank gave us the basics of Scientology beliefs and begged, seriously BEGGED, Nick to buy a $5 dianetics book claiming it helped her bring her GPA from a 3.2 to a 3.7. (Nick was just like.. "My GPA is already a 3.75". Cocky bastard).

Then when we all refused to buy the book some other woman who didn't speak English tried to get us interested by asking us if we knew that Tom Cruise and other film stars followed it... as if we were that naive and that would be a good enough factor of interest. Then some other "you had to be there" incident occurred that only proved her rudeness. Yeah.. anyway we all left after realizing 3 hours had elapsed and got scared by how time flew for various offensive reasons.

Then we ate at Applebees and saw Ghost Rider, which was, at least for me, fun to watch since I didn't know anything about the character. It was decent and like I said, enjoyable to watch, make fun of, etc.

We all went back to Stevens, had some nice beverages, and played Guitar Hero. I had lunch with Nick's family the next day and didn't do much on Monday.

The week's going by fast, which makes me happy. I've done so much work in the past 2 weeks that it isn't possible I'll have anything left to do by the time my birthday rolls around. I'm broke, homesick and starving so I'll probably go back to Rahway on Sunday to beg for money, cheer up, and eat rice and Filipino food (drools).

Oh yeah, I've been watching way too much Grey's Anatomy lately since my roommate has the DVDs and I only started watching when season 3 began. I'm so addicted. I hate myself :p
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